CPZ series chain conveyors

Category: Transport systems

Redler type chain conveyors are designed for horizontal and inclined (up to 60°) transport of bulk materials such as pellets, sawdust, wood dust, wood chips etc. They are used as devices for loading and unloading silos, hammer mills, pellet mills and simultaneously for combining separate sections of technological lines.

The drive section is equipped as standard with NORD company gear motors, rotation monitoring sensors and inspection hatches with overflow sensors. Drive shaft, on which flywheel is installed, is mounted in high-quality self-aligning ball bearings (SKF or SNR)
Thanks to its construction tensioning section ensures constant optimum chain tension.

Intermediate sections have length of 2000 mm as standard, but if necessary, section with non-standard length can be made. Bottom of conveyor is lined with antistatic, wear-resistant material (polyethylene PE 1000), which ensures low noise level and wear-resistance. Chain slide guide mounted along the bottom of conveyor ensures correct positioning of the chain and prevents from friction of scrapers against conveyor walls.

Special construction of V-TS chain allows to shorten the chain by one link and prevents from spontaneous unfastening of chain during operation. On every scraper there are mounted cleaning plates made of PEHD-1000 material with a thickness of 10 mm.


Basic parameters:
Model/Type CPZ I18, I20, I23, I26, I30, I35, I40, I50, I60
Material structural steel, stainless steel
Overlay Magnelis®
Drive type helical gear Nord
Drive electric engine 400 V
Housing/bearing SNR
Capacity 15 – 300 m³/h
Length 2 – 45 m (to I23), 2-100m (from I26)
Manufacturer Comerc


Magnelis® is a new metallic coating which, thanks to its unique properties, provides long-term surface protection against corrosion (10 times higher than galvanised steel).