Pellet production lines with capacities from 2 t/h to 20 t/h

We design, manufacture, build, train and service


The pellet production lines designed and installed by our company offer capacities ranging from 2 t/h to 20 t/h. The capacity achieved naturally depends on the number and power of the machines and equipment comprising the production line.

Pellet production lines – the offer:

  • design (technical conceptual design, formal arrangements, technical documentation, manuals, cost calculation),
  • supply (machines, devices, measuring and control apparatus, control cabinets, and all installation materials),
  • installation (machines, devices, control cabinets, measurement, control and feed wiring, post-installation testing, acceptance measurements),
  • software (controllers, operator panels, visualisation and control systems),
  • commissioning (machines, devices, control cabinets, control and power installations),
  • training process operators, programmers and IT technicians and technical human resources,
  • service within the warranty period and beyond

Our production lines are fully automated which allows for a significant reduction in the number of workers needed to operate them, thus reducing to a minimum the human factor, which is unfortunately the most common cause of possible problems in the operation of the line.

In the standard, basic version, our production lines consist of the following sections:
1. Wet material preparation, transportation and storage section
2. Wet material drying section
3. Chipping and storage section for dry material
4. Final preparation of material for pelletisation section
5. Pelletising section
6. Pellet packaging section
7. Automation and control section for the entire production process

Optionally, we also offer additional solutions in the field of automatic stacking of bags on pallets and their wrapping, as well as pellet storage with the option to direct loading of the finished product in bulk onto vehicles.

Main machines and equipment included in a standard production line:
1. Wet material storage with hydraulic unloading system (movable floor)
2. Heat generator
3. Drum or belt dryer
4. Flail mill
5. Scraper conveyors
6. Screw conveyors
7. Conveyor belts
8. Bucket conveyors
9. Preparation system for granulation PSfG
10. Granulating press
11. Vibrating sieve
12. Automatic packaging line
13. Palletising robot with wrapping machine


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