Control systems

Our original control systems for technological processes are based on PLC controllers. In the installations designed and manufactured by us, we mainly use subassemblies from market-leading brands such as SIEMENS, Allen-Bradley or EATON. We can implement any controller offered by the manufacturers mentioned above to our systems.


Our goal is to constantly develop, expand our knowledge and improve our workshop. In our projects, we strive to communicate the largest possible number of equipment used with one compatible communication protocol, thus avoiding additional electrical connections and gaining an easy possibility to diagnose problems caused in case of a potential failure.


In our applications, we use SCADA and HMI systems. Each of them features a huge range of possibilities and allows to adapt particular requirements to specific solutions individually designed for a given client.


In the products we offer, we use devices enabling remote connection with PLC controllers and executive devices such as: inverters, panels and devices used in the technological process. With such solutions, our clients feel safe and are sure that we are able to provide them with the necessary assistance at any time and from any place.


We boast several years of experience in programming. Even the most advanced algorithms are no problem for us in their implementation. We are open to new projects and challenges and we are readily undertake any problems concerning devices communication and writing control programs for them.


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