CPT series belt conveyors

Category: Transport systems

Belt conveyors (also sometimes called conveyor belts) are widely used in industry (as part of various production lines), logistics (equipment for warehouses and sorting plants), construction, trade, etc.
Belt conveyors are designed for horizontal transport of various bulk materials such as pellets, sawdust, wood dust, wood chips etc. They are used as devices for loading and unloading silos (just like other types of our conveyors such as chain conveyors). Depending on the requirements and purpose, belt conveyors could work with capacities from 25 m3/h to 250 m3/h. Belt conveyors consist of drive section, tension section and intermediate sections. The number of intermediate sections depends on its length. Conveyors are equipped with multi-layer conveyor belt, driven by drive section and moving on rollers. Conveyor housing is made of structural steel with Magnelis® coating. Width of conveyor depends on required capacity.



Basic parameters:
Model/Type CPT 400, 500, 650
Material structural steel
Overlay Magnelis®
Drive type helical gear motor Nord
Drive electric motor 400 V
Housing /bearing SKF, SNR
Capacity 25 - 250 m³/h
Average speed 2,0 – 3,0 m/s
Manufacturer Comerc


Magnelis® is a new metallic coating, which assures long-lasting corrosion and surface protection (10 times higher resistance than the galvanized steel).