COMERC from Poznan - contractor of technological lines for the production of pellets and briquettes

Our company specialises in pro-ecological solutions for the energy sector. We are a manufacturer of complete, fully automated production lines for manufacturing biofuels such as pellets or briquettes from waste of natural origin, e.g. sawdust or straw. The technological lines that we designed are equipped with proprietary, advanced control systems with visualisation of technological processes and control cabinets. We also offer individual machines and equipment for biomass processing, conveyors for the horizontal and vertical transport of bulk materials as well as complete packaging lines and robots for the automated packaging of the final product. We also provide permanent access to spare parts for all machines and equipment included in our process lines.

Linie produkcyjne

Production lines

Intending to invest in biofuel production? Take a look at our offer for pellet or briquette production lines. We design, manufacture, build, provide commissioning, train and offer service.

Maszyny i urządzenia

Machinery and equipment

Are you planning to have your production modernised? Take a look at our offer for machines and equipment for processing biomass, transporting bulk materials and packing finished products.

Matryce i rolki

Dies and rollers

Looking for spare parts for your machines and equipment? See our offer for dies, jackets and complete rolls for pelletizing presses Münch, Promill, Khal and many others brands.

Automatyka przemysłowa

Industrial automation

Are you intending to get your production automated? Take a look at our offer for advanced solutions in the field of control systems, visualisation of technological processes as well as design and construction of control cabinets.

Energy in harmony with nature

Who are we?

We are a group of young, aware people, who guided by the experienced, charismatic founder of Comerc, have successfully taken on his dreams, and now our own dreams. We work with passion, commitment and a sense of responsibility that weighs on us, but thanks to them we continue to reach further and higher. We are constantly expanding our knowledge, looking for alternative solutions, upgrading and modernizing our products and services, but also the style of our work. We know each other and, more importantly, we like each other not only on a professional basis, but also on personally, which allows us to complement, support and help each other. Together, we add more puzzles to the map of our dreams, achieving better and better effects of our work.

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