CMB series hammer mills

The CMB series hammer mills manufactured by our company are intended to crush and uniform fractions of dry bulk materials with moisture contents of up to 15% and destined for further technological processes. There is option to grind raw materials with higher moisture content, but this parameter has a very significant impact on the device performance. Depending on needs and purpose, CMB series hammer mills cay operate with capacity from 2 t/h to 10 t/h.

The raw material is crushed by the impact of the hammers on the raw material and the raw material against the walls of the crushing chamber. The regularity and size of the resulting fraction is determined by the diameter of the holes in the screen used. We recommend collecting the crushed material from under the mill with pneumatic transport, as this enables the use of a pneumatic separator to sift out stones and other impurities that may cause explosions. The use of pneumatic transport will also increase the performance of the mill.
Advantages of CMB series hammer mills:

  • optimum performance at low operating costs,
  • minimum vibration level,
  • option to shred a number of raw materials,
  • assembly system of screens and hammers enables their quick and easy replacement,
  • two-way rotor operation to ensure maximum utilisation of the hammers without the need for moving them,
  • fitted with magnetic and pneumatic separator.


Basic parameters:
Model/Type CMB 2,0 - 10,0
Material structural steel
Overlay paint, spray painting
Drive type electric motor 1400 rpm
Drive power 45 - 280 kW
Hammers Four-sided
Capacity 20 - 80 m3/h
Manufacturer Comerc


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