CPK series bucket conveyors

Category: Transport systems

Bucket conveyors (elevators) are designed for vertical transport of bulk materials such as pellets, sawdust, wood dust, wood chips etc. They are manufactured in various heights with capacities from 22 m3/h to 238 m3/h. Bucket elevators consist of easy to mount modules, made of steel with Magnelis® coating.

Drive section (head):
Drive section of bucket conveyor is bolted construction with main drive shaft, mounted in high-quality self-aligning cylindrical bearings. Bucket elevator is equipped with NORD company drive and gear with integrated return stop.

Foot of bucket conveyor is bolted construction equipped with pulley and inspection hatch that allows cleaning inside of the module. In standard version, the foot is equipped with speed sensor which switches off power supply when belts starts to slip, and with inlet located on the front side of conveyor that contributes to low energy consumption.

Leg segments have length of 2000 mm as standard. Each leg segment has flanges for assembly at both of its ends. Segments in the front are equipped with inspection hatches that allow easy access to buckets and belt.

Belt and buckets:
Standard bucket conveyor belts can be used at ambient temperature from -30°C to +50°C. Belts are made of antistatic materials in accordance with ISO284 and DIN22104. Buckets have a very efficient and universal shape that can be used for transporting various materials.


Basic parameters:
Model/Type CPK 200, 240, 300,345,400, 520
Material structural steel, stainless steel
Overlay Magnelis®
Drive type helical gear motor Nord
Drive electric motor 400 V
Housing/bearing SNR
Capacity 22– 238 m³/h
Length 2 – 52 m – depends on type of CPK
Manufacturer Comerc


Magnelis® is a new metallic coating, which assures long-lasting corrosion and surface protection (10 times higher resistance than the galvanized steel).