Preparation system for granulation (PSfG)

Preparation system for granulation (PSfG) is our proprietary solution whose task is to stabilise and maintain the moisture content of the material fed to the granulation section at a level of ± 0.5% and to dose an appropriate amount of binder (e.g. corn meal), which significantly impacts on improving the physical and chemical properties of the final product.
Stable moisture content and the addition of the proper amount of binder have a key impact on obtaining and maintaining high quality parameters of the pellets produced, such as: calorific value, hardness, strength, amount of ash after burning and dust content in the pellets. Proper moistening and maintaining the humidity of the sawdust at the required level greatly facilitates the compacting and binding of the material particles into granules, and thus enables to achieve a uniformly high quality of granules.
The system is composed of a buffer tank, crew feeder, measuring screw conveyor, conditioner, water feeding system with an automatic humidity measurement and stabilisation system and a water pressure maintenance station, dispenser for an additional component, bucket conveyor and a support structure. The PSfG is fully automated and equipped with appropriate sensors to control its operation.

The automatic humidity measurement and stabilisation system with water delivery system and water pressure maintenance station consists of:

Humidity sensor 2 pcs

Water feed rate control sensor 1 pc

Precise water feed system 1 pc

Water pressure sustaining station 1 pc

Power 0.25 kW

Manufacturer Comerc


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