Stationary chipper Skorpion 350 EB

Skorpion 350 EB is a stationary drum chipper designed for chipping flat edgings, round timber, various types of furniture and sawmill waste of a width to 350 mm.

The drive section of Skorpion 350 EB chipper is a 37 kW slow-running electric motor. In contrast to high-speed motors, this motor is features more stable operation and higher torque. A slow-speed motor with the same power achieves greater energy transmission, and by increasing the diameter of the pulley on this motor, the service life of the V-belts is extended.

The cutting system of the chipper includes a drum with 2, 3 or optionally 4 cutting knives and 1 counter-knife. Screen used in the construction of this chipper ensures high regularity in size of the product. The required size of chips can be obtained by adequate configuration of suitable number of knives on the drum and the diameter of holes in the screen.

The control system of the chipper consists of a control cabinet with functions of switching on, work control, overload control and switching off the drive. The automatic work control system prevents overloading of the cutting system by temporary stopping the feeding system.

Skorpion 350 EB chipper can operate with both belt and vibratory loading and conveyor systems, which makes it a successful addition to any wood processing line.


Basic parameters:
Model/Type Skorpion 350 EB
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 1950 x 1000 x 1260 (+400) mm*
Weight 1520 kg*
Number of knives 2 cutting knives + 1 counter-knife
3 cutting knives + 1 counter-knife
4 cutting knives + 1 counter-knife
Feeding speed up to mc/min
Chipping capacity up to 12 m3/h***
Chip width from 20 to 30 mm
from 15 to 25 mm
from 10 to 15 mm
Dimensions of inlet (WxH) 350 x 120 mm
Cutting drum diameter 420 mm
Revolutions of cutting drum 500 rpm
Feeding unit belt or vibrating conveyor
Main engine power 37 kW
Power of engine on feeding conveyor 2 x 1.5 kW
Power of engine on collecting conveyor 1.1 (1.5) kW



* - raising construction
** - the weight depends on the equipment
*** - capacity depends on the number of knives on the drum, grate size of the screen, type of shredded waste, method of loading