Control cabinets

The range of our products includes control cabinets enclosures for indoor and outdoor applications only from the most reputable European brands. Our cabinets are equipped with 3 mm thick mounting plates which allows us to mount even the most demanding equipment without losing the flexibility of the plate. The skeleton construction of enclosures based on closed profiles allows their unlimited expansion and joining switchboards in series. The devives used by us in every switchgear is feature durability and compactness. These are exclusively products of market-leading manufacturers such as SIEMENS, SCHNEDIER, Rittal or EATON. Besides, depending on their location, we install heating or cooling systems in each cabinet.

We offer our clients a comprehensive service, starting from the design and construction of a control cabinet through its installation and commissioning. We readily undertake implementation of new projects, both with our standard equipment and with equipment of other brands as specified by our clients. Flexible approach to our projects enables us to adjust our products and services to individual needs of our clients.


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