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The new generation of German Graf Equipment GmbH Gorilla pellet mills is especially designed for applications with very hard pelleting conditions in terms of raw material quality in limited working space and while keeping all production norms. The production of wood pellets is one of these applications.

In fact, Gorilla is the first pellet mill designed for the biomass industry, including wood biomass, with direct drive system, without gearbox or V-belts. The new pellet mill performs a high efficiency thanks to its powerful torque motor, saving around 20% of energy, compared with the conventional drive systems.

Gorilla pellet mills in combination with the new Graf Equipment GmbH steam conditioning system forms also an optimal pelleting line for classical feed products as well as for hulls and extraction meal in the seed oil industry (extracting seed oil).

An unquestionable advantage of all Gorilla pellet mill is their modular design and a large die speed range (from 4 to 8 m/s) without loss of torque, which allows to meet even the highest technological standards of pellet production. Gorilla pellet mills assure superior finished pellet quality with a high PDI (Pellet Durability Index).
Advantages of Graf pellet mills:

  • sturdy and durable construction,
  • direct drive system, without gearbox or V-belts,
  • higher torque compared to classical drive systems,
  • die speed adjustable, without loss of torque,
  • excellent finished pellet quality with high PDI,
  • simple monitoring of the product quality by sampling at the mill door,
  • less energy consumption,
  • lower operation costs and easy maintenance,
  • very short start up time,
  • smallest footprint in its class,
  • feed with or without control system.


Basic features:
Model / Type GEPD660/108 GEPD900/138 GEPD900/160
Dimensions A mm 2816 3000 3000
B mm 1410 1700 1700
C mm 1300 1600 1600
Motor kW up to 250 up to 304 up to 342
Die Diameter mm 660 900 900
Width mm 108 138 160
Speed m/s 3,5-6,5 3,5-6,5 3,5-6,5
Capacity t/h 3,5 6,5 7,5


Additionally, in our offer you will find spare parts for various brands of pelleting presses, including dies, roll shells and complete rolls for Graf pellet mills.
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