Mechanical counterflow cooler for pellet

Category: Coolers for pellet

The mechanical counterflow cooler for pellet is designed to cool hot pellets by means of a counter-flow stream of cool air which enters the cooler chamber from the bottom through the inlet at the bottom of the device and leaves it through the outlet located at the top of the cooler .
An corresponding layer of material is maintained in the cooling chamber which is fed through an inlet sluice located in the upper part of the cooling chamber. When the maximum filling level in the cooler is reached, the sensor activates the discharge grate, which cyclically discharges the cooled product into the discharge hopper until the rated minimum level is reached. The minimum and maximum fill levels in the cooler chamber is regulated by manually adjusting the position of the fill sensors.
In the lower part of the cooler, there is a discharge mechanism which ensures even removal of material from the cooler chamber and prevents clogging of the material in the cooler. The discharging mechanism is driven by a geared motor. The unloading speed is regulated by a hand wheel or a two-position system with a pneumatic cylinder.


Basic parameters:
Model/Type VK-RP
Material structural steel, stainless steel
Overlay paint, spray painting
Discharge mechanism inlet valve, adjustable system for uniform layer of material
Cooler chamber inspection holes, filling level sensors, fire safety systems
Discharge system triple movable grit
Inlet valve type gear
Capacity 2,5 – 25 t/h
Manufacturer Geelen

The cooler is also fitted with a fire protection system which continuously monitors the temperature of the material being cooled and, if the alarm temperature is exceeded, the system automatically opens the fire valve which supplies water to a sprinkler installed inside the cooling chamber, as a result of which the material inside is flooded and the fire is extinguished.